naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy
naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy
naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy
naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy

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naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


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Sree Thaai Sigichalayam

The ancient Indians have realized already 5000 years ago what matters! The harmony of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects is crucial for your health and wellbeing. Thus they developed the oldest holistic healing method of the world - the Ayurveda! Ayurveda: Ayus (life) and Veda (knowledge) The Ayurveda is a method which focuses on the human being as a whole not the disease in particular. Professional guidance in terms of traditional Ayurvedic therapy. The treatments are individually tailored by our professional practitioners Ayurvedic massage, nutrition, spiritual practice, yoga and herbal medicine.

Our Services

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy

Herbal Medicine

Siddha is a term that is used widely in Indian religions and culture.

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


Is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


A system of health care comprises a traditional system of healing

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


A form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body.

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


Varmam is a systematic study of vital points on human body. The vital points (varmams).

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


On an individual basis to improve medical conditions or support the healing process of the body.

naturopathy,ayurveda,varma treatments,guasa therapy


Reflexology is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet.

Naturopathic Treatment

Medicatrix Nature: The vary nub of Naturopathic medicine is based on the Latin concept of "Madicatrix nature", or the healing power of nature. The body has a innate ability to maintain and restore health. Naturopathic physicians facilitate this healing process by removing obstacles to cure and identifying treatments to enhance healing.

Identify and Treat the Root cause: Naturopathic physicians treatments is based on alleviating the underlying cause of illness rather than just treating the symptoms of disease. symptoms are an external manifestation of and internal imbalance due to any combination of physical, mental, or emotional malfunctioning. Symptom management may be important, but it is more important not to ignore the underlying cause of disease.

First do no Harm: A Naturopathic treatments plan uses therapies that are gentle, non-invasive, least-toxic, effective, and do not have adverse side effects. A conscious effort is made to use methods that do not suppress symptoms.


Ayurveda does not just deal with the treatment of the physical body.

it also focuses on balancing and harmonizing all aspects of a person's mind, body and spirit as well as that of society as a whole pitta (water, fire - metabolism), kapha (earth, water - growth protection ), vata (ether, air - circulation respiration elimination nerve impulses) Ayurveda acknowledges that cancer cells are always present in the body, but when the body is in a state of dosha balance (or homeostasis), this is not a problem. according to ayurveda unbalanced doshas affects gene expression, leading to dis-easess such as cancer. when dosha is in balance, cancer does not occur.

Varma Medical Camp

Our Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments that deeply relax, release stress and detoxify, to using the most highly effective organic ingredients in our products and services, we strive to utilize nature's intelligence

Our Treatments & Product


  • ❖ சர்வ மூட்டு வலி நிவாரணி
    Sarva Muttu Vali Nivarani
  • ❖ வாயு சூரணம்
    Vayu Chooranam
  • ❖ முக பொலிவு பொடி
    Face Pack Power
  • ❖ பொடுகு நிவாரணி சூரணம்
    Podugu Nivarani Sooranam
  • ❖ ராஜா வம்ச குளியல் பொடி
    Raja Vamsa Kuliyal Powder
  • ❖ விஷக்காய்ச்சல் நிலவேம்பு சூரணம்
    Visakkachal Nilavembu Sooranam
  • ❖ மல இலக்கி சூரணம்
    Mala Ilakki Sooranam
  • ❖ சித்தர் சத்து மாவு
    Siddhar saththu Powder

We are Treating

  • Asthma (ஆஸ்துமா )
  • Heart Disorders (இதயக் கோளாறுகள் )
  • Kidney Disorders (சிறுநீரக கோளாறுகள் )
  • Skin Disorders (தோல் நோய்கள்
  • Blood Disorders (இரத்தக் கோளாறுகள் )
  • Osteoarthritis (கீல்வாதம் )
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (முடக்கு வாதம் )
  • Alzheimer's Disease (அல்சீமர் நோய் )
  • Autism (ஆட்டிஸம் )
  • Male Related Disorders
    (ஆண் தொடர்புடைய கோளாறுகள் )
  • Female Related Disorders
    ( பெண் தொடர்புடைய கோளாறுகள் )
  • Occupational Disorders
    ( தொழில் கோளாறுகள் )
  • Obesity (உடல்பருமன் )
  • Blood Pressure (இரத்த அழுத்தம் )
  • Diabetes (நீரிழிவு )
  • Cancer (புற்றுநோய் )
  • Aids (எய்ட்ஸ் )
  • Child Care (குழந்தை பராமரிப்பு )
  • Problems Due To Seasons
    (பருவங்கள் காரணமாக சிக்கல்கள்)
  • Pain Related Problems
    (வலி தொடர்பான சிக்கல்கள்)


  • Abiyangam
  • Thakara Dhara
  • Thaila Dhara
  • Aganga Dhara
  • Elaikizhi
  • Podikizhi
  • Navarakizhi
  • Naranga Kizhi
  • Shiro Vasthi
  • Kadi Vasthi
  • Janu Vasthi
  • Nashyam
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Uro vasthi
  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy & Meditation
  • Diet & Fasting
  • Physiotherapy & Exercise Therapy
  • Mud Therapy
  • Steam Bath
  • Planting Leaf Bath
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy